PR Tips for Tradeshows

By Caroline Cohen


Tradeshows are reclaiming their rightful place as a key marketing tool by technology companies. Selected carefully, a tradeshow can generate vital exposure for a company that cannot be gained using any other method. This is especially true at major industry events, which often set the industry trends for the coming year.


The challenges of exhibiting at a tradeshow are many, and careful planning is required in order to maximize return on investment. To gain maximum exposure, companies really need to start thinking well in advance about the media announcements that can be made during this period. Depending on how many relevant announcements there are (e.g. new sales, partnerships, new versions or products), you will need to think about how best to space them, in order to secure the right momentum for your company in the run up to the event. Many of the larger companies will be making first day announcements - consider if you want to compete with them for exposure or whether your announcements can be better served by being announced at a different time.


An exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to capitalize on meeting face to face with journalists and trade analysts, leveraging the opportunity to showcase your product – something that is hard to do over the phone. You may not have the opportunity for a lengthy session but with careful planning of your key messages, the right information can be conveyed in a timely manner.




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