The Need for Intangible Assets PR

Most PR work carried out today revolves around major announcements: important new business, acquisitions, sales and earnings results, major product/technology releases, new customer/bid wins, etc. Not surprisingly, this is the obvious and probably the easiest work to do, but it’s not necessarily the right work. What’s missing is work focused on Intangibles. 

Which is Better? a Large Agency or a Small PR Firm?

Since I've retired from my journalistic career to start PR operations, I have been running into this question almost daily. Which is better? A small firm or a major agency? While I'm writing this from within the business, I have ample experience to prove my case.


International PR: Singling out the Winners

Many companies seriously underestimate the power of international PR. Relying on local media outlets such as The Marker and Globes is a fine way of reaching local investors and maintaining a company’s domestic image – but ineffective when a company seeks international expansion. A quality English print technology publication is read by international audiences – and its online site reaches millions of people. Take for example InformationWeek: The domestic publication rightly lands in the laps of Israeli technology stakeholders, but the Hebrew element alienates the English speaking community.

PR Tips for Tradeshows

Tradeshows are reclaiming their rightful place as a key marketing tool by technology companies. Selected carefully, a tradeshow can generate vital exposure for a company that cannot be gained using any other method. This is especially true at major industry events, which often set the industry trends for the coming year. The challenges of exhibiting at a tradeshow are many, and careful planning is required in order to maximize return on investment. To gain maximum exposure, companies really need to start thinking well in advance about the media announcements that can be made during this period.

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