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Crisis Management and Damage Control

With over 20 years of experience in crisis communications, Koteret has been exposed to a wide variety of conflicts in the public domain. Such conflicts took place within the media, among investors and within organizations.
Koteret is the only PR Company in Israel offering its customers Crisis Management and Damage Control – included in the basic PR package.


The ability to predict and plan a crisis situation is key to successfully avoiding and solving problem situations for clients. Applying proven work methodologies, backed by solid industry experience, gives each “Crisis Manager” quick response capabilities plus the ability to lead effective activities thereafter.


Koteret offers its clients:

  • Unparalled experience in crisis management, in-depth understanding of the legal background and the media scene, and full plan and milestone reporting.
  • Preparation of a Crisis File: Operational plan - relative to time and needs.
  • Selection and training of the dedicated ‘crisis’ spokespersons, including comprehensive media training.
  • Activating a detailed ‘Q&A’ plan, including ‘on’ and ‘off record’ statements
  • Split crisis teams: At the customer office and at Koteret offices, fully coordinating material distribution and providing on-the-spot consultancy.
  • On-going discussions with the client’s investors - especially effective for publicly-traded companies.
  • Full coordination of internal messages to employees, in parallel to messages to the open market.

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