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Koteret provides global companies operating in Israel assistance in doing business in Israel, marketing in Israel, opening doors, local networking, Media Relations and more.


In a period spanning more than two decades, the Koteret Group established itself as an innovative agency, always exploring new areas and new services to support our clients:


  • In 1992 we established Koteret International Division, promoting Israeli exporters, NGOs and governmental agencies in the global media
  • In 1995 we established IDC Israel – the local market research arm of International Data Corporation
  • In 1999 we established Israel’s first IR/Financial PR practice
  • In 2002 we established ICII –(Israeli Center for Institutional Investors) that introduced to the Israeli market some of the world’s largest asset managers such as Franklin Templeton, IXIS-AM and T. Rowe Price
  • In 2005 we established Israel’s first Internal Communications practice for our large (200 employees and more) clients

Being a true consultant, understanding business situations with strong local networking, we have recently launched “More Than Just PR” – A basket of peripheral services aimed mainly at global companies and organizations already operating or planning to operate in Israel:


  • Opening doors in the private, NGO and governmental sectors. We know most decision-makers in the technology and finance sectors, banks and governmental ministries. We can help you set up meetings, plan and execute “road shows” and get you to meet the right people who can help you achieve your business goals.
  • Monitoring the local media and reporting on market trends, competitors, etc.
  • Local office / local address for inquiries, dissemination of marketing materials around the country, and more.
  • Establishing and managing your Hebrew website, Hebrew-speaking groups over LinkedIn, Facebook and the like..
  • Examine business opportunities using market research, prospect surveys, etc.
  • Write and produce Hebrew marcom materials.
  • Arranging conferences and seminars.

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